DevOps: A recipe for innovation in healthcare
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Helping leaders in digital health stay secure and compliant
Secure and automated solutions are essential for earning a competitive advantage and reducing time to market. ProdOps specializes in building and deploying such solutions for healthcare providers, life science startups, and health technology organizations. Our solutions are specifically tailored towards solving major issues like data overload, scheduling, and communicating patient information between institutions.

Leveraging DevOps to predict outbreaks, improve patient care and save lives.
We provide rapid delivery of features, fixes, and updates for industry players, helping them comply with various regulations like H, GxP, and GDPR, and enabling them to better safeguard PHI and other sensitive data.

Our clients include leading innovative healthcare companies like:

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The ProdOps team designs and implements solutions that are self-healing, robust, scalable, and resilient to attacks, and serve any amount of requests while quickly responding to changes in requirements.

Our solutions help reduce operational expenses by 40% and cut down the time it takes for health companies to onboard new clients from weeks to minutes.

What we offer
•    Tailor-made assessment of IT performance 
•    Architecture and System Design for innovative products 
•    Security & Process Improvement
•    DevOps-as-a-Service - automation of infrastructure management processes 
•    Big Data - planning, optimization and data pipeline automation
•    Acceleration of time to market by increasing the release frequency of changes and new features to production environments

The ProdOps team has executed over 500 projects in the field of cloud infrastructure automation, and has built cost-efficient production operations that are stable, secure, and scalable. We significantly shorten the time needed to develop software and reduce the overhead you spend on DevOps.

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