Intermediate Docker + Kubernetes hands on workshop by containers expert - Part 1

Jul 17, 2018 6:00 PM

Google Campus, Tel Aviv - Yigal Alon 98, Electra Tower, 26th Floor.

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Intermediate Docker + Kubernetes hands on workshop by containers expert - Part 1

Workshop Docker + Kubernetes by Evgeny Zislis and Miki Hayut- Is divided into two practical meetups about 2, 5 hours each

17/07 - Docker hands-on workshop by Evgeny Zislis
25/07 - Kubernetes hands-on workshop by Miki Hayut


The Goal

Increase knowledge and improve efficiency in using Docker and Kubernetes.Pure Docker in the first part. Kubernetes in the second part - 25/07.
Talking about Kubernetes requires some familiarity with Docker features - the first part should lay the foundation, and the second part (25/07) can assume that that knowledge has been already presented.

You will learn:

  • How to use Docker networks. What different plugins exist for Networks and how these work. Why are these network plugins useful.
  • How to create an architecture using containers that has a load balancer - this load balancer will need some kind of discovery and management. Use nginx as the example load balancer, and TBD about discovery framework (possibly consul).**How to use Docker volumes. What different plugins exist for Volumes and how they work, etc.
  • How to use Docker restart policies, how to write them, what are they used for, etc.
  • How to use Dockerfile LABEL clause and what useful labels exist. How to use labels to our advantage.
  • How to use Dockerfile ONBUILD to create images that are more easy to build on as the base.
  • How to create multi-stage Dockerfiles and what considerations should be taken with regards to caching, etc.
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