Hashicorp Vault Introduction - Online Training

May 17, 2018 3:00 AM

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Hashicorp Vault Introduction - Online Training

The growing popularity of microservices, infrastructure automation, and distributed infrastructure across private and public clouds has left organizations with a myriad of unbounded security vulnerabilities.

HashiCorp Vault secures and protects sensitive data as organizations deal with secret sprawls and the threat of data breaches. 

Vault provides organizations with a consistent way to address the top three cloud security challenges: 

1) Manage any secret 2) Provide encryption as a service to address data security 3) Deliver Privileged Access Management (PAM) 

We run this session to help you understand the big picture of how Vault improves the resilience of your systems. Also, it took us some time to deep dive into the documentation, understand properly the difference between CLI and API and create a well designed/working workflow using Vault. We would like to share our experience with people that would like to do it right.


Securing the organizational sensitive data, keys, and secrets


Using Vault as a secret management


Deploying a secret manager in the organization keeps your data safe.  Data breaches are responsible to some of the biggest hacks known in the industry gain a deeper understanding of Vault, how to deploy and use it properly


Technical Demo Theoretical session, Q&A 


CTO, R&D managers, Engineers, Developers, Operators, DevOps, System Security


Use Cases - Secret Management Intro to Vault - Working with Vault - Vault-get - Vault Demo - Q&A

!! Please expect an email from us 30 minutes prior to the start time with a link to the “class” and a token in order to participate !

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