Docker Advanced Course: Deep Dive

IT / R&D / DevOps

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In short

Explore Docker concepts in-depth with lectures and hands-on coding exercises. Learn Swarm and Services in DevOps.

Instructors: container community leaders and active consultants

Course Type: Local, Instructor-led, Live, Hand on, Fully provisioned cloud-based labs

Length: 2 days

Audience: System Admins / Software Developers / IT Professionals / DevOps Engineers

Class size: 10 - 15 people in total.

What Will I Learn?

By the end of the course successful learners will be able to:

  • Container orchestrators:
  • Kubernetes / EKS / AKS /GKE
  • ECS / Fargate
  • Differences between containers and virtual machines.
  • Continuous integration in the world of containers - Jenkins / / CircleCI
  • Understand Advanced Networking in Docker
  • Design & Build Kubernetes Cluster
  • Create Docker Services and Stacks
  • Monitoring containers.
  • Log aggregation.
  • Scaling containers.
  • Deployment best practices.

Course outline

This workshop/course aims to take your existing skills with Docker to the next level.

  • Security
  • Networking
  • Orchestration
  • Reference Implementations
  • Portability
  • Storage
  • Production anti-patterns
  • Docker Architecture in Depth
  • CI/CD Integration
  • Bonus: deploy Decker stack on Cloud
Optimized for any team, hands-on, instructor-led training

**All our courses can be mixed, matched and tailored according to one's specific needs

** The location is determined once the group is closed. Docker training is available as "onsite live training" carried out locally on customer premises in Israel or in corporate training center in Tel Aviv.

**We are not affiliated with Docker Inc./Kubernetes or represent them in any way.

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