The ProdOps Story

May 21, 2018
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Weekly Shorts are topics we discuss in our weekly remote meeting related to recent work we have done with our customers
The ProdOps Story

Have you ever thought about building your office furniture by yourself? (like for tons of employees...) I bet you haven’t!

Has your company had to build its own IDE before it started coding? Hell no!

How about the kitchen in your office...? The dishes, cookware, appliances...? Because eventually, it serves your employees to be good enough for them to better serve your customers. Catch my drift?

Same with your development and production environments. Because obviously, in order to be a restaurant worthy of a Michelin star, you need a top-notch equipped kitchen. It will allow your chefs to produce your delicious dishes with zero compromises on speed and quality. After all, You didn’t start your endeavor to become yet another restaurant.

To paraphrase the above:

Same with your development and production environments. Because obviously, in order to be the next unicorn you need a top-notch Netflix-Google-Facebook-like dev & ops environment. It will allow your engineers to build your product with zero compromises on speed and quality. After all, you didn’t start your software company to end up working in a restaurant :) (maybe owning one or two).

We’ve been doing DevOps for over a decade now and we have come to the realization that: we build the best kitchens for the best chefs and for those that aspire to be.

We even named our company "DevOps" ( & and leased our brains and hands to Michelin star level companies (IBM, Paypal, Cisco; just to name a few) as well as to companies that later became superstars (Gett, Twist, Spot.IM).

It’s a sort of BaaS & WHaaS model (Brain as a Service / Working Hands as a Service); We are elastic, scalable, resilient, highly available and you pay us as we go (or at least according to the terms signed).

Our heads are up in the clouds (Amazon, GCP and more), but our feet are firmly rooted in the ground. We are passionate & experienced software engineers, we love people, we understand business but even more, we F%$#ing shiver out of excitement seeing other people prosper in their business and careers.

So it became our endeavor to take your holy of holiness; Production Operations - and bring it to the next level - that is, a fusion in harmony of technology, people, and business. In short, Production Operations aka ProdOps. The realization made us feel like changing our name to reflect the new spirit as we do lots more than just high-end DevOps.

(In the long of it… check our homepage).

In the short of it - we mentor, lecture and advise, organize meetups and communities, yet we also roll up our sleeves building deployment pipelines that include: Infrastructures CM, Cloud configuration, CI/CD methods and tools, Log management & aggregation, Infrastructure automation and more. 


No Code Works Until It Works In Production.

Only if you're focused on achieving your Michelin star, give us a call, otherwise, don’t bother!

Bon Appetit!

The ProdOps Story