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Python project structure

Python project structure, relative imports, absolute imports, packages, and modules. Let's make it simpler

Meir Gabay
September 9, 2020
Choosing your CI/CD tools wisely

“Too much freedom undercuts freedom” — William Raspberry

Eliran Barnoy
August 23, 2020
Vim: from foe to friend in 9 minutes

Lessons from 3-years of intensive learning

Omer Hamerman
July 3, 2019
Running Kubernetes and AWS in CHINA

The Chinese firewall, Pitfalls to avoid and keys to success

Omer Hamerman
June 2, 2019
Building a 2.5x faster, lighter and robust ELK pipeline

Removing ELK overhead saving waste and redundant work

Omer Hamerman
May 12, 2019
Solving git merge conflicts with VIM

A flow so smooth you’d be wishing for conflicts to happen

Omer Hamerman
March 24, 2019
A 6-minute introduction to HELM

Simplifying K8S application management

Omer Hamerman
January 30, 2019
On-prem resources slow you down

The real cost of hesitation with migrating to public cloud

Omer Hamerman
December 23, 2018
An 8-minute introduction to K8S

Core concepts, features and building blocks

Omer Hamerman
November 5, 2018
Creating Homebrew taps for private internal tools

Making your fellow developers happy even before using your app

Omer Hamerman
October 8, 2018
K8S will not solve your storage problems

And it shouldn't, so don't let it

Omer Hamerman
September 20, 2018
How to wake up the transformational manager inside you.

How often do you hear yourself saying “I wish I had a better manager”?

Viki Slavin
August 6, 2018
Provide customers with a WOW experience & Take the lead over your competition

Generate word-of-mouth advertising you couldn't buy if you wanted to and Drive your business to the next level!

Leah Vizgan
June 25, 2018
Weekly Shorts
Paranoid about upgrading Kubernetes?

How to upgrade Kubernetes - the safe way.

Yair Leshem
June 17, 2018
Why your startup has to do DevOps from day one

Kill waste. Focus. Innovate. Stay Lean. Be a pro.

Omer Hamerman
April 24, 2018
Taking your Hashicorp Vault to the next level

Using Hashicorp Vault like a pro

Zvika Nadav
April 22, 2018
Managing application secrets on AWS with SSM and Chamber

The better alternative for Vault and AWS Secret Manager

Omer Hamerman
April 10, 2018
Security for dummies: Protecting application secrets made easy

Using Vault to secure, encrypt and manage secrets (and some scare stories to drive you with fear)

Omer Hamerman
March 19, 2018
Reducing Downtime with Alerting and Monitoring

How ProdOps helped Twist Bioscience reduce downtime and prevent potential problems by using diverse tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Sentry and New Relic.

Ziv Rechnitzer
March 5, 2018