Omer Hamerman

Senior Software Operations Architect

Omer Hamerman
Omer is an experienced software operations engineer and an open source contributor. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help our clients improve their software delivery. He is known for getting the job done very quickly and is clear-cut and very sharp, delivering almost any job on the spot. When he’s not helping our clients achieve scalable and resilient infrastructure, you’ll find him rock climbing and bouldering. He is passionate about beautiful code, cybersecurity and doing things right the first time. He is a keen writer of blog posts and a speaker at meetups.

In order to encrypt secrets and use them confidentially, best practices usually describe the usage of a tool like Vault. While Vault is a great tool, setting it up and working with it programmatically is not an easy task.

Omer Hamerman
June 6, 2018
Why your startup has to do DevOps from day one

The success rate of startups in 2017 was 2.5%. According to last year’s statistics, 75% of US venture-backed startups fail. “Success” being translated to reaching the point of a successful sale.

Omer Hamerman
April 24, 2018
There is no such thing as a DevOps engineer

DevOps is a term coined to describe the integration of software engineering and operations, which until recently were characterized by working in unbreakable silos, miscommunications and different motivations. As such, “DevOps” describes the methodology that allows such integration to happen.

Omer Hamerman
May 21, 2018
How to Manage AWS Cross-Account Quick Access

You can quickly switch to any of your AWS accounts with a click of a button on a menu, listing them by name and color. Wanna learn how to configure that list in a couple of minutes?

Omer Hamerman
March 30, 2017
How to scale-in ECS hosts

ECS provides the freedom of scaling different services through adding “tasks”. These operate and communicate independently, and are being hosted on a series of EC2 instances. Scaling the system’s services in and out achieved with the help of CloudWatch metrics and alarms.

Omer Hamerman
September 2, 2017
Deploying FARGATE services using CloudFormation

 Deploying Fargate services is not as straight forward as you may think, especially if you’re used to the current EC2 configuration and are now trying to migrate running services.

Omer Hamerman
December 9, 2017
How I helped my company ship features 10 times faster, and made dev and ops win

Using one product, deployed correctly, you can improve your company’s work methods, speed up software delivery, reduce errors, avoid maintenance and create a self healing CI system that is scalable, agile and customizable.

Omer Hamerman
February 25, 2018
Security for dummies: Protecting application secrets made easy

Last year, I’ve found my client’s AWS account access and secret keys pushed to git, and visible in 23 different locations in the application’s codebase. After requesting an immediate removal, I used the awesome GitLeaks tool to scan the projects history.

Omer Hamerman
March 19, 2018
Managing application secrets on AWS with SSM and Chamber

Where do you store your application secrets? I usually get one of two answers, either they thought I was talking about a user password manager like 1Password or LastPass, or I get really weird answers like Google Drive, AWS S3, environment variables in the code etc.

Omer Hamerman
April 10, 2018