Reduxio Case study

How ProdOps helped Reduxio scale its product by automating the creation of Kubernetes clusters.

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Reduxio Case study


How ProdOps helped Reduxio scale its product by automating the creation of Kubernetes clusters?

Reduxio’s algorithm started as a tool for maximizing and enhancing the use of disk space.As cloud technology rose, Reduxio shifted, coming to specialize in container disk volume management. Today, it provides enterprise-grade storage for Kubernetes work loads, managing containers and facilitating transparent data storage.

In 2018, Reduxio faced a serious challenge:

“ The company had dozens of engineers on its team who lacked their own respective Kubernetes environments in which to develop new code. This meant creating clusters over and over again, hundreds of times a day, which made installation and management both exhausting and time-consuming ”

Developers had (and still have) very few options when it came to deploying Kubernetes. Asan open-source project, K8s receive frequent updates, with new versions and features released every few weeks. However, even tech giants and their Kubernetes services - EKSfrom AWS, GKE from Google, and AKS from Microsoft - take months to integrate these new features into their respective systems.

The only alternative for Reduxio was to find a way to deploy Kubernetes from scratch, and automate the process. Without such a solution, the company would not be able to scale.

ProdOps was brought in to solve the cluster conundrum. The effort would take months and be spearheaded by ProdOps Co-Founder and CTO Evgeny Zislis, as well as Senior Software Operations Architect Omer Hamerman.

The idea was to invent an automated system, one that would enable developers to create a Kubernetes cluster on-demand in merely a few minutes.


  • ProdOps built and automated a self-managedcluster, removing the need to endlessly connect to different servers. Meanwhile
  • The result was a single process that can create a cluster, monitor that cluster and collect metrics, and populate the cluster with Reduxio’s system.
  • Today, Reduxio’s automated system creates a Kubernetes cluster in minutes. The system integrates monitoring and logging components into any given Kubernetes cluster,
  • The high-level automation that ProdOps created has enabled Reduxio to experiment with different public clouds, and to test and validate changes to its product at an unprecedented pace.


  • Reduxio has since been able to sign more customers, as its system can now accommodate various unique requirements.
  • New opportunities have arisen from previously untapped international markets, such as China,as well as large multinational corporations,including Microsoft
  • Even a great algorithm needs an environment in which to operate. By enabling installation on Kubernetes clusters, ProdOps provided that environment and created a seamless experience inthe process.

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