Continuous Delivery

The full explanation of how it came about and how to start continuously delivering should you decide to do so.

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Continuous Delivery

Why do Continuous Delivery

Creating software is a challenging process, which is why software developers usually want to mostly be left alone when working on building software features or fixing bugs. For software to bring its promised value, customers need it delivered before using it for their enjoyment. But how can a company deliver software if developers want to be left alone and are never finished or satisfied with the software they create?

Before the age of cloud and software as a service, shipping software was hard and thus rarely done every day or multiple times per day. The delivery of software was such that a customer could only receive a version when going to a store and buying the media containing the software version to install. Later it became more common to download software from the internet an event that happened from time to time but not multiple times every day. Software downloading was a requirement to update it, so every version would first be purchased or downloaded and then installed. That made sense to only delivery software only when a significant part of needed features was complete. The typical modus operandi was delivering software once every year, seldom more frequently.

What is Continuous Delivery

Fortunately for users, the world changed. A lot of the computer software that we use every day we consume as a service and version updated behind the scenes on its own. While there are still many applications that we need to decide that we want to install on our devices consciously, a lot of software consumption is a matter of visiting a website or the App Store on our mobile device.

What has not changed much over the years, is that developers still want to be left alone when writing software. Continuously delivering using the traditional method much more frequently than once a year surely will meet plenty of resistance from developers. Batching a bunch of features and then doing a big software test cycle, packaging, documenting and presenting this packaged software to customers is a lot of heavy lifting and overhead. That is just the old way of doing things, not much fun anymore.

Couldn't software be delivered in a much more straightforward frictionless way? That is where Continuous Delivery comes in, a way to have software ready for shipping at all times at the highest quality and zero delivery problems.

Companies have already learned to do just that, and for the last decade have been actively teaching others. We can help you get ahead and join the list of companies who enjoy Continuous Delivery.

How to do Continuous Delivery

What you need is a fully automated Continuous Delivery Pipeline. That works with or without Agile software development. The Continuous Delivery Pipeline is a collection of tools and practices that enable developers to deliver software multiple times every day just-in-time. Continuously deliver features as soon as the feature has been completed and passed its quality. Un-batch big releases of software into numerous much smaller releases. Prevent risky Big Bang release events and have lots and lots of little risk-free releases throughout the day, every day.

Want to have software delivered at any time and be continuously ready to deliver latest features and bug fixes at a minute notice?
Want to renounce those last-minute quality issues and developer's stress while debugging that last bug the night before shipping?
Want to forgo release deadlines and missed commitments that only cause conflicts and resentment?

We help companies achieve Continuous Delivery since before 2012.

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