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Continuously Delivering cloud infrastructure that is scalable, resilient, robust and fast!
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Building Infrastructure is Hard.
Doing it Right is Harder.

Building solid foundations for production infrastructures is crucial, yet too often it gets sacrificed for speed. ProdOps helps companies achieve these foundations by building autonomous systems and enabling Operations teams to integrate strong practices into their products and processes.

Build Solid Foundations with ProdOps


  • Deliver incremental changes to users with minimum risk and time investment.
  • Improve collaboration of development and operations teams.
  • Create well defined processes for efficient software development, testing, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance.
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  • High quality in-house training sessions for managers, software developers, IT professionals and internal teams.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills required to perfect the process of frequent and reliable software delivery.
  • Bring a ProdOps course to your office and train a whole team onsite.
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  • Install, configure and integrate DevOps practices and tools that make new software versions fly through a fast deployment pipeline.

    Infrastructures CM.
  • CI/CD methods and tools.
  • CI/CD Log management & aggregation methods and tools.
  • Infrastructure automation.
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Robust infrastructure


We plan and deploy implementations based on a given industry's best practices. After considering the relevant requirements, future demands, and range of technologies available, we deliver the ability to serve a company's growth on any scale.

Scalable Infrastructure


With an eye to the future, we always deploy scalable solutions. Scalability goes hand in hand with production architecture and applications. Configuring tools and delivering solutions that perform well allows you to handle any scale at any time.



DevOps is about producing high quality results at a fast pace.
This is why we are committed to developing swift and flawless processes, so that you can enjoy agility and short feedback cycles.

We're Certified

Amazon Consulting Partner

AWS is the the most popular cloud infrastructure provider at the moment. A vast number of our clients use AWS for their production and development needs. ProdOps is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS.

DORA shows you how to become a high performing organization by running a DevOps research and assessment report. DORA helps you understand your unique strengths and weaknesses, and shows you precisely where to focus your resources to deliver rapid, lasting improvement in the delivery capability of your digital and IT teams. DORA is Founded by Jez Humble, Gene Kim and Dr. Nicole Forsgren.

Dora Partner
Unicom Partner

UNICOM creates value in a growing market of knowledge-based services for Agile, Project Management, Process Improvement and Performance Management. They address evolving market requirements by overcoming competitors through cooperation. They engage the global business and Practitioners community as a specialized provider of knowledge.

RadBee was launched with the goal of making quality assurance (QA) matter more. RadBee helps companies achieve their compliance goals through correct usage and implementation of Atlassian tools. RadBee is an Atlassian Solution Partner

RadBee Partner
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What our Clients say

Elik's Big Panda testimonial

Elik Eizenberg

Co-Founder & VP R&D, BigPanda
"ProdOps wrote us a Chef cookbook LWRP and Puppet module library for sending application deployment and reports from Chef and Puppet directly to the BigPanda service.The level of knowledge shown by their team was exceptional, we would have no hesitation in recommending ProdOps for this area of expertise."
Big Panda testimonial
Zohar's CISCO testimonial

Zohar Zilberman

Software TL, CISCO
We've been using ProdOps services for more then 2 years and we get terrific service. The ProdOps crew have taken ownership of our entire IT stack - starting with casual maintenance in the Cisco environment (both lab and datacenter), up to installing and supporting JIRA, CI (Bamboo), our own Git server (Atalssian Stash) and managing more than 100 VMs in a completely automated manner.
CISCO testimonial
Henry's Adaptavist testimonial

Henry Whincup

Head of Managed Services, Adaptavist
"ProdOps consulted us during the time we evaluated configuration management solutions for our product and helped us to adopt best practices. Their vast experience with the newest updated technologies to deliver high standard services met our expectations."
Adaptavist testimonial
Ori's testimonial

Ori Zaltzman

Trip's solution is so powerful that our clients regularly ask us how we make it all work so well together! Overall, ProdOps has allowed us to get an edge on our competition and ultimately go above and beyond our customer's expectations. testimonial
Ishay's testimonial

Ishay Green

Co-founder & CTO, Spot.IM
"ProdOps helped build the production and staging environments of all our micro services applications based on Docker and Amazon ECS. ProdOps is our go-to partner for DevOps, their consultant configured our CI/CD to be fully automatic allowing us to deploy hundreds of times each day while making sure only tested versions are being deployed.”
SpotIM testimonial
Meny's Sizmek testimonial

Meny Duek

AVP R&D, Sizmek
"ProdOps helped us take our development infrastructure to the next level. Sizmek uses Java technology stack and has a very complex and heavily interdependent services architecture. The challenge was to make our development and test environments stable and ensure the proper level of automatic deployment and monitoring solution is present."
Sizmek testimonial